Improvements and fixes


WDF/BA Updates:

- Added a confirmation dialog to the multi-delete functionality. Now you have to confirm that you really want to delete the selected records. This of course works only in applications where multi-delete is activated.

- Preparations to replace the current encryption method to a more modern one. This is necessary because of the move from CentOS Stream to Fedora 36, which gives a totally different results with the now called 'legacy' encryption method. This change had an impact on all interactive applications, and, depending on the customer, some batch applications.

- Improved the Google Distance Calculator API call.

- Excel exports now keeps the contents of a multi-line text field together in one cell, where applicable.

- Various under the hood improvements and fixes.

ALT-N or Option-N, tags and styling


WDF/BA update:

- Added the keyboard shortcut ALT-N (Windows) / Option-N (macOS) to start a new record. Now you don't have to click the (+) button. This works when there is no input field selected.

- Added a jQuery Tag-Editor to the framework.

- Added an alternating backround to rows in listview; each even row gets a very light grey backround. This helps the eye to follow the data on a row from left to right.

CSS updates for mobile


WDF/BA updates:

- More CSS queries to better display details screens on mobile.

- GP004: UI and interaction improvements.

Various changes


WDF/BA updates:

- Improved CSS for drop-down menus where the Chosen-plugin is used.

- Added CSS to animate the download button.

- Improved the setting of the correct MIME-type when exporting data.

- Improved CSS for toggle-switches.

- Clicking a row opens the details screen. This has been changed: you can now only click on columns without links to open the details screen.

- The menu can now also be displayed as a menu bar with drop down menus.

How the menu will be displayed, can be set in GP006, key 'USERMENU' : 

  • F = In footer bar
  • H = In header bar
  • M = As menu bar (not on mobile)
You can write 'Footer', 'Header' or 'Menu bar' in the text field, it is the first character of the word/sentence that is significant.

If this does not work in your system, it has not been implemented. Contact us for a quote if you want this.

Checkboxes to toggle-switches


WDF/BA update:

- Added CSS  and code to convert default HTML checkboxes to toggle-switches.

If your system still has the normal checkboxes and you want them to be push-toggles, contact me for for a quote.

Server check, UI improvements


WDF/BA updates:

- New, better 'on which server am I running'-check for batch jobs.

- New CSS for drop down menus that use the 'Chosen'-plugin: no border, single thin underline.

- MD005/5W: Added missing HTML-attributes with input fields.

Login and UI changes


WDF/BA updates:

- Login errors are now more differentiated internally, to be able to better log what happened.

- CSS changes to input fields, selects and dummy-input fields: no border, just a thin underline.



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