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webshop.stack Version 1.0.8 of the Webshop.stack was released on 23 February 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- Added a new button 'Remove all' to the products-list under the Cart in the Toolbar, to clear the whole cart at once. This also resets the session.

- The names / descriptions of Options, Costs and Discounts do not have to be unique anymore. You can now use the same description (aka 'key') in various contexts, like different categories or tags.

- Improved database synchronisation of new products and new discount coupons.

- Added a new admin cq. dashboard page: /files/wsaratings.php to moderate product reviews.

- Improved date filters in the WSA-applications.

- Fixed 'required' display bug in Cart options.

Webshop.stack v1.0.7 for Stacks with RapidWeaver

webshop.stack Version 1.0.7 of the Webshop.stack was released on 16 February 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- Added an option 'Show only in Versions' in 'Products', under 'Grouping', attached to 'Groups'. When using groups to create 'Versions', you can now exclude products from the 'Catalog' and have them only show up in the 'Product Versions'-bar.

- Added two new admin cq. dashboard pages:

  • /files/wsaproducts.php to manage product's stock.
  • /files/wsadownloads.php to manage digital downloads.
  • (see Stock Management Dashboard for more info).

- Fixed the column titles of the CSV-export in WSA-applications.

- Last sort column and direction are now memorized during the session in WSA-applications.

- Fixed the digital download problem where only a part of the file would be downloaded.

- Fixed other minor issues in WSA-applications.

Webshop.stack v1.0.6 for Stacks with RapidWeaver

webshop.stack Version 1.0.6 of the Webshop.stack was released on 9 February 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- When testing your webshop locally, you can now clear the cart's session contents by checking 'Enable maintenance mode', click the 'Preview'-eye, and then uncheck 'Enable maintenance mode'. New products are only added to the database once per user-session, to prevent unnecessary reading of the database at each page load; so when the session is cleared, a new user-session is initiated and thus will the database be updated.

- Fixed the Time Zone in the API file. It now reads the Time Zone from the Webshop's settings.

- Fixed a bug that would prevent products from showing up, when 'Webshop -> Catalog -> Page numbers' was set to 'Bottom'.

- Fixed a bug that would display a wrong month in the product's JSON-LD.

- Added headings 'Discounts' (is also the default) and 'Costs' (is also the default) in the Cart-localization settings.

- Added heading 'Customer' (is also the default) in the Admin-localization settings.

- Added the first admin page: /files/wsaorders.php (see Stock Management Dashboard for more info).

- Added translateable texts and date/time formats to the 'Localization' substack, in the 'Admin'-section.

- Removed some texts from the 'Admin'-section in the 'Localization' substack, because those were never going to be used.

Webshop.stack v1.0.5 for Stacks with RapidWeaver

webshop.stack Version 1.0.5 of the Webshop.stack was released on 25 January 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- Improved EU VAT handling regarding combinations between Default Country, VAT Country or no VAT-Country, VAT-ID Prefix or no VAT-ID and Customer's country.

Webshop.stack v1.0.4 for Stacks with RapidWeaver

webshop.stack Version 1.0.4 of the Webshop.stack was released on 24 January 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- The Price in Option Sets can now be max +/- 1000.00 instead of 100.00.

- Renamed 'Czech Republic' to 'Czechia' in country drop down menus.

- Increased the maximum number of Shipping Rules, Cart and/or Product options, Costs, Discounts and Countries & Taxes substacks from the default 25 to 500 and Products to 5000.

- Increased the number of options in 'Cart and/or Product options' for 'Drop-down menu' or 'Checkboxes' from 5 to 10.

- Improved speed by using new functions for detecting Cart and/or Product options.

- Improved EU VAT handling regarding selling digital downloadable products.

- Added a new checkbox to force local VAT for digital products when your revenue from selling digital products to consumers is less than 10000 EUR.
- VAT is now split per country when you have to calulate VAT of the buyer's EU-country, when it is different from your EU-country.
- Added the VAT/TAX countries, tax percentages and amounts to the webhook data, in the 'payment->taxes'-array.
See the manual under 'Webshop Stack Settings -> Cart/Checkout', 'Countries and taxes' and 'Products'.

- Improved reading the publishing date from the Product. An AM/PM date could result in a faulty date and not show any product in the catalog.

- Reduced the serial number check to once per session.

- Added a memory cleanup before serving a downloadable file.

- Fixed replacing '%i' placeholders in Discounts and Costs names.

SetEXIFData 10.1

A new version of SetEXIFData is now available:

(29 March 2023)

For older version changes, look here

- Alas, version 10 is a paid upgrade, sorry. To purchase a new serial number for v10, simply click the button 'Buy with Paddle'.
- If you donated after October, 2022, you do not need to purchase a serial number; you will receive a new serial number for free in the coming days; if not, contact me.
- The trial limit of 5 photos or movies has been changed to 0. You can try the app, but it will not modify your image or movie files. You will need a serial number to enable that.
- When you have purchased a serial number, your number of activations is now limitied to 5 computers and checked over the internet. How many activations are left, can be seen in the 'About...'-window. Contact me if you need more activations.
- You can use CMD-W to close a preview window.
- You can select and delete multiple rows from the list. Use SHIFT and/or COMMAND keys to select rows.
- To open a preview-window, you now have to double-click a line.
- To open multiple previews at once, select multiple lines and press COMMAND-O.
- Added Google JSON import for EXIF data. If you drag images exported from Google onto the window, the JSON file should exist in the same folder, as named by Google: '[image-name].jpg.json'. SetEXIFData will use 'description', 'photoTakenTime' and 'geoDataExif' from the JSON file.
- Added the use of 'libraw' as a 'dcraw' replacement. Install 'libraw' via 'homebrew' (https://brew.sh/): brew install libraw. Choose what runs on your system, SetEXIFData will look for 'libraw' tools first.
- Added the use of 'ffmpeg' for generating movie preview thumbnails. Install 'ffmpeg' via 'homebrew' (https://brew.sh/): brew install ffmpeg.
- Added 'x of y' files to the notifications.
- The file list scrolls up while processing, as visual feedback that the app is doing something.
- Updated the version-check to Xojo's latest URLConnection-class.
- Reading of files with special characters (/, ç, ü, etc.) is improved.
- Changed the text field into a listbox.
- Repositioned and changed the 'Presets' popup menus. They now leave the chosen or created preset visible as long as you don't change anything.
- The 'Elevation' is now saved in the 'Geotag preset' too.
- The Preview image now scales to the width of initial width of its canvas. It does not scale when resizing the window.
- To modify the Finder-dates, '/usr/bin/getfileinfo' is now used, when it is installed. If so, it should be kept up-to-date!
- When using 'Retrieve Date/Time from EXIF date', the application would crash on EXIF fields without a time, like 'DateCreated'.
- Reading / writing a file path containing double quotes with 'setfile' and 'getfileinfo' has been fixed.
- Duplicate paths (including the file name) are immediately removed from the file list.
- File names with multipe dots in their names, are processed correctly when used for 'Auto-fill'.
- Creating thumbnails from RAW images with spaces and special characters in their file names has been fixed.
- Adding/Subtracting from ContentCreateDate and CreationDate in movie files has been fixed.



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