Various changes and additions


WDF/BA update:

- The unique form ID is now also added into its own field in the log at time of creation.

- Moving the mouse over the right side of the details screen now highlights the field row your mouse is over.

- Mobile UI improvements.

- Bug fix regarding accessing names of days and months, when none is given.

- Bug fix where data export could still be done after being logged out.

- Added an empty menu option, instead of a cross to empty the selection, to some popup menus in list view.

- Disabled the browser's autocomplete on username field.

Various framework changes


WDF/BA updates:

- Improved logging when a user logs in or out, or is automatically logged out.

- GP000: Improved layout via CSS.

- Improved automatic keep alive reload.

- Improved list view layout via CSS.

- Removed logging of opening the menu