Various changes and fixes


 WDF/BA Updates:

- Preparations to replace the current encryption method to a more modern one.

- New: Using <, >, =, <=, >= in search fields in list view is now available. If you want this, contact me with the applications and in which column(s) you would like to have this functionality.

- Improved the Google GPS API call.


- Added user-specific 2FA-type in MD005. If you do not have 2FA enabled, but want it, contact me for a quote.

- Blocked deletion of your own profile in MD005.

- Improved CSS with dropdown menus. The highlight border would often hide itself behind input fields below it.

- Improved CSS on mobile devices with multiple select input fields.

- Various under the hood improvements and fixes in GP000, GP010, a.o.

Various changes and additions


WDF/BA updates:

- GP004: Fixed the possibility to edit a menu when in View-only mode.

- Removed the browsertest from all applications, now that Internet Explorer is gone, and all browsers use up-to-date rendering engines.

- Email address verification via updated.

- Filter column on empty value or zero: use a single minus character '-' to to show rows with no data in that column.