Various changes and additions


WDF/BA updates:

- Better modal confirmation dialog positioning.

- You can now set application variables via GP006. I advise against it, unless you are sure that you know what you want. Here is a list with variables you can set:

  • LOGLEVEL: 0 through 9. The lower the number, the less message are logged.
  • EXTRAWIDTH: In pixels; to widen the content area.
  • EXPORT: 0 or 1; allow Excel/CSV-export.
  • EXPORTTYPE: 'csv', 'txt' or 'xls' (without the quotes).
  • EXPORTUSELABELS: 0, 1 or 2; 0 = no column headings, 1 = Short text, 2 = Long text
  • EXPORTHEADER: 0 or 1; Exports information about the app and the date in the first 3 lines.
  • EXPORTFILENAME: Set the file name for the export. If not set, it defaults to PRODUCTNAME_APPNAME_DATETIME.ext
  • EXPORTSEPARATOR: Only valid for non-XLS exports. The column separator to use. If not set, a tab (.txt) or a semicolon (.csv) is used.
  • NODUPLICATEBTN: 0 or 1; enable or disable the 'copy record' button in list-view.
  • NONEWBTN: 0 or 1; enable or disable the 'Add new' button.
  • NOHELPBTN: 0 or 1; enable or disable the 'Help' button.
  • DELCHKBOX: 0 or 1; enable or disable the 'multi-delete' feature in list-view. Note: not all apps have this 'multi-delete'-feature implemented. If you find an app where you need it, and it hasn't this feature, contact me for a quote.
  • SQLLIMITENTRY: 0 or 1; enable or disable the 'Results per page' entry field in the footer.
Create an entry in GP006 with the application's name as key, for example 'GP006', and add each variable you want to set on a new line, in the text field, like so: VARNAME=VALUE



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