Webshop.stack v1.0.9 for Stacks with RapidWeaver

webshop.stack Version 1.0.9 of the Webshop.stack was released on 1 March 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- Fixed a bug when 'Apply taxes' in the 'Product' was set to 'None'.

- Fixed a bug when 'Sold out' in the indivudual 'Product' page should (not) be displayed.

- Fixed a bug where an empty coupon code record was inserted in the coupons-table.

- Fixed a bug when the buyer's names were entered without a space in between. Now, an error message is displayed when only one word is found. For example, 'J.Smith' is one word, but 'J. Smith' are two words. The webshop will try to put a space between the last dot and the following word, to avoid the error message. Reason: Paypal and Mollie require a 'first' and 'last' name.

- Fixed a logic error where one could order a product directly from the catalog without seeing, and adding, the availabe options. Now, when any option is detected for a product, the 'View product' button is shown, instead of the 'add-to-cart' buttons.

- In the product-stack's title bar, I gave 'Promoted', 'Show only in versions' and 'NOT published' different colors for better recogition of these important settings.

- The 'Back to catalog'-button in the 'Individual product'-page is now also the same blue/white as the others.

- Added a new checkbox to the 'Product'-stack: 'Allow orders?'. This checkbox only appears when 'Stock available?' is unchecked, and only affects physical products. Normally the 'Sold out' message would appear, but now you can still allow orders, which is very handy for (artisan) products that need manufacturing, or for products for which stock is never kept. When checked, a text 'No stock, allow orders' is shown in the products title bar.

- Added a new admin cq. dashboard page: /files/wsacoupons.php to manage coupons.



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