Webshop.stack v1.0.4 for Stacks with RapidWeaver

webshop.stack Version 1.0.4 of the Webshop.stack was released on 24 January 2024

Changes, additions and improvements:

- The Price in Option Sets can now be max +/- 1000.00 instead of 100.00.

- Renamed 'Czech Republic' to 'Czechia' in country drop down menus.

- Increased the maximum number of Shipping Rules, Cart and/or Product options, Costs, Discounts and Countries & Taxes substacks from the default 25 to 500 and Products to 5000.

- Increased the number of options in 'Cart and/or Product options' for 'Drop-down menu' or 'Checkboxes' from 5 to 10.

- Improved speed by using new functions for detecting Cart and/or Product options.

- Improved EU VAT handling regarding selling digital downloadable products.

- Added a new checkbox to force local VAT for digital products when your revenue from selling digital products to consumers is less than 10000 EUR.
- VAT is now split per country when you have to calulate VAT of the buyer's EU-country, when it is different from your EU-country.
- Added the VAT/TAX countries, tax percentages and amounts to the webhook data, in the 'payment->taxes'-array.
See the manual under 'Webshop Stack Settings -> Cart/Checkout', 'Countries and taxes' and 'Products'.

- Improved reading the publishing date from the Product. An AM/PM date could result in a faulty date and not show any product in the catalog.

- Reduced the serial number check to once per session.

- Added a memory cleanup before serving a downloadable file.

- Fixed replacing '%i' placeholders in Discounts and Costs names.



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