SetEXIFData 10.1

A new version of SetEXIFData is now available:

(29 March 2023)

For older version changes, look here

- Alas, version 10 is a paid upgrade, sorry. To purchase a new serial number for v10, simply click the button 'Buy with Paddle'.
- If you donated after October, 2022, you do not need to purchase a serial number; you will receive a new serial number for free in the coming days; if not, contact me.
- The trial limit of 5 photos or movies has been changed to 0. You can try the app, but it will not modify your image or movie files. You will need a serial number to enable that.
- When you have purchased a serial number, your number of activations is now limitied to 5 computers and checked over the internet. How many activations are left, can be seen in the 'About...'-window. Contact me if you need more activations.
- You can use CMD-W to close a preview window.
- You can select and delete multiple rows from the list. Use SHIFT and/or COMMAND keys to select rows.
- To open a preview-window, you now have to double-click a line.
- To open multiple previews at once, select multiple lines and press COMMAND-O.
- Added Google JSON import for EXIF data. If you drag images exported from Google onto the window, the JSON file should exist in the same folder, as named by Google: '[image-name].jpg.json'. SetEXIFData will use 'description', 'photoTakenTime' and 'geoDataExif' from the JSON file.
- Added the use of 'libraw' as a 'dcraw' replacement. Install 'libraw' via 'homebrew' ( brew install libraw. Choose what runs on your system, SetEXIFData will look for 'libraw' tools first.
- Added the use of 'ffmpeg' for generating movie preview thumbnails. Install 'ffmpeg' via 'homebrew' ( brew install ffmpeg.
- Added 'x of y' files to the notifications.
- The file list scrolls up while processing, as visual feedback that the app is doing something.
- Updated the version-check to Xojo's latest URLConnection-class.
- Reading of files with special characters (/, ç, ü, etc.) is improved.
- Changed the text field into a listbox.
- Repositioned and changed the 'Presets' popup menus. They now leave the chosen or created preset visible as long as you don't change anything.
- The 'Elevation' is now saved in the 'Geotag preset' too.
- The Preview image now scales to the width of initial width of its canvas. It does not scale when resizing the window.
- To modify the Finder-dates, '/usr/bin/getfileinfo' is now used, when it is installed. If so, it should be kept up-to-date!
- When using 'Retrieve Date/Time from EXIF date', the application would crash on EXIF fields without a time, like 'DateCreated'.
- Reading / writing a file path containing double quotes with 'setfile' and 'getfileinfo' has been fixed.
- Duplicate paths (including the file name) are immediately removed from the file list.
- File names with multipe dots in their names, are processed correctly when used for 'Auto-fill'.
- Creating thumbnails from RAW images with spaces and special characters in their file names has been fixed.
- Adding/Subtracting from ContentCreateDate and CreationDate in movie files has been fixed.