Changes, updates and improvements


 WDF/BA Updates:

- Added CSS classes '...gray' next to '...grey' to avoid UK/US typos.

- Added server check for (not) displaying the SSL logo.

- If an app is started from the URL-bar:

  • default date values are now added correctly.
  • default sort column is applied correctly

- Added default date of today for GP000.

- New: expiration date and/or period for user profiles. After a given date, or a number of days since last login, or both, the user profile expires and the user cannot login anymore. An admin-user must set a new date, reset last login or allow for a longer period.

- Encryption default permanently changed from 'BF-CFB' to 'aes-256-ctr'.

- Various code and speed improvements.

Various improvements


 WDF/BA Updates:

- Moved the config file and document folder outside the webroot into WDF/BA's own directory structure. This is done for almost all customers that host with us.

- Changed the uppercase function in apps that use it, into the multi-byte version. This transfroms ü correctly to Ü.

- Improved the check on which server (DEV, VOS, ANU, LOCAL) the application is running.

Improvements and changes


 WDF/BA Updates:

- Timeout of application and 2FA: when logged in via 2FA, the application now times out after 12 hours of inactivity. Note: this can be overridden by the web browser, which can put the inactive tab or window to 'sleep', which means that nothing runs on that page anymore, until it is activated again.

- Improved the Google GPS API call & GP014: remove cq. replace UTF-16 characters or certain ranges of extended UTF-8 characters from a street name.

- GP000: Improved search on short dates/times, like '2022-09-12 05'.

- GP010: Widened the text display of the task description.

A change and a fix


 WDF/BA Updates:

- Improved CSS for subfiles

- Fixed a problem with wrong column formatting in certain situations with Excel-exports.

Various changes and fixes


 WDF/BA Updates:

- Preparations to replace the current encryption method to a more modern one.

- New: Using <, >, =, <=, >= in search fields in list view is now available. If you want this, contact me with the applications and in which column(s) you would like to have this functionality.

- Improved the Google GPS API call.


- Added user-specific 2FA-type in MD005. If you do not have 2FA enabled, but want it, contact me for a quote.

- Blocked deletion of your own profile in MD005.

- Improved CSS with dropdown menus. The highlight border would often hide itself behind input fields below it.

- Improved CSS on mobile devices with multiple select input fields.

- Various under the hood improvements and fixes in GP000, GP010, a.o.

We moved to a new DRBD High Availability solution


An alle unsere Kunden:

Gestern Abend gegen 22:00 Uhr sind wir von unserer CentOS 8 Stream-Skript-H/A-Lösung auf eine modernere, Low-Level-H/A-Lösung auf Fedora OS umgestiegen, die DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) genannt wird.

Trotz dieser ziemlich sicheren H/A-Lösung haben wir immer noch eine separate Datenbankreplikation am Laufen und erstellen weiterhin tägliche und stündliche Backups Ihrer Datenbanken, und ein Offline-Backup Ihrer Dateien. Nur um auf der sicheren Seite zu sein.

Bei diesem großen Vorgang ist eine große Änderung aufgetreten, über die Sie separat per E-Mail informiert werden: Die IP-Adresse hat sich geändert. Wir routen bis Ende September die alte IP-Adresse auf die neue IP-Adresse, inklusive der notwendigen Ports. Dadurch haben Sie genügend Zeit, Ihre A-Einträge in der DNS-Zonendatei Ihrer Domain und (S)FTP-Verbindungen auf die neue IP-Adresse zu ändern.

To all our customers:

Yesterday evening around 22:00h we moved from our CentOS 8 Stream scripted H/A solution, to a more modern, low level H/A solution, on Fedora OS, called DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device).

Despite this quite secure H/A solution, we still have a separate database replication running, and still make daily and hourly backups of your databases, and also an offline backup of your files. Just to be on the safe side.

With this major operation, one big change has occurred, of which you will be emailed separately: the IP-address has changed. We are routing the old IP-address to the new IP-address, including the necessary ports until end of September. This will give you enough time to change your A-records in your domain's DNS Zone file and (S)FTP connections to the new IP-address.

Aan al onze klanten:

Gisteravond rond 22:00 uur zijn we overgestapt van onze CentOS 8 Stream scripted H/A-oplossing, naar een modernere, low-level H/A-oplossing, op Fedora OS, genaamd DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device).

Ondanks deze vrij veilige H/A-oplossing, hebben we nog steeds een aparte database-replicatie draaien, en maken we nog steeds dagelijks en elk uur back-ups van uw databases, en tevens een offline back-up van uw bestanden. Voor de zekerheid.

Met deze grote operatie heeft er één grote verandering plaatsgevonden, waarvan u apart wordt gemaild: het IP-adres is gewijzigd. We routeren het oude IP-adres naar het nieuwe IP-adres, inclusief de benodigde poorten tot eind September. Dit geeft u voldoende tijd om uw A-records in het DNS Zone-bestand van uw domein en (S)FTP-verbindingen naar het nieuwe IP-adres te wijzigen.

Improvements and fixes


WDF/BA Updates:

- Added a confirmation dialog to the multi-delete functionality. Now you have to confirm that you really want to delete the selected records. This of course works only in applications where multi-delete is activated.

- Preparations to replace the current encryption method to a more modern one. This is necessary because of the move from CentOS Stream to Fedora 36, which gives a totally different results with the now called 'legacy' encryption method. This change had an impact on all interactive applications, and, depending on the customer, some batch applications.

- Improved the Google Distance Calculator API call.

- Excel exports now keeps the contents of a multi-line text field together in one cell, where applicable.

- Various under the hood improvements and fixes.

Additions, fixes and changes


WDF/BA Updates:

- GP014: New! CO2 emission calculation added. To comply with new regulations, you can now see how much CO2 will be output for a certain from/to address combo. The mean emission value per 100 Km can be set in GP006, by adding a key named 'GEMCO2' and give it a numeric value for the emission in Kg per Km. The formula to calculate the mean value is:

((Liter/100 Km * Kg(C + O2)) / 100)

With a mean value of 2,392 Kg per 100 Km, and a usage of 8 liters gasoline for 100 Km, the formula becomes:

((8 * 2.392) / 100) = 0,19136 Kg per Km

Source: magazine

- New! A Two Factor Authentication (2FA) module can now be added to your implementation of WDF/BA. It can do 2FA via email and/or text messages (regular SMS). For use with email, you will need an email address + all settings (username, password, mail server, ports) which needs to be configured in WDF/BA to send emails with. For SMS, you wil need an subscription with an SMS provider. WDF/BA 2FA module currently supports MessageBird and Clickatell for sending via SMS. If you want, or need, 2FA for your business, contact me for a quote.

- Added 'scroll into view', which scrolls the list view page to the last examined record, if known to the application. The last examined record has a light blue background.

- Added a new file name cleaning function to clean the names of uploaded files. The following characters are:

  • replaced : ü by u, ç by c, etc. if possible.
  • removed : all non-ascii characters
  • removed : "'~`;:\/()
  • replaced by a - : &
  • replaced by a _ : spaces

- Added Excel / CSV export for TinyMCE text data. Images will not be exported, only text.

- Improved height calculation of text areas.

- Various under the hood improvements and fixes.

Various changes and additions


WDF/BA updates:

- MD007 / GP004 : Renumber menu-items in steps of 10. Above the sequence number column is a button to renumber the items, so it easier to put items between others.

- ALT-/OPT-ENTER/-RETURN Key: Added a shortcut to quickly focus on the 'Add' or 'Update' button, by using ALT-ENTER/-RETURN or OPTION-ENTER/-RETURN.

- Under the hood changes and fixes for PHP 8.1.5

Improvements and fixes


WDF/BA Updates:

- Fixed processing older tasks. 'Time to execute' is honoured.

- GP010: Filtering on 'Time to execute' has been added/works now.

- Implemented ESC-key in detail-view or data entry. When the user presses ESC, (s)he is returned to the list-view, except while adding a new record.

- Tasks that have not been executed, for whatever reason, and are older than 'today', are now automatically removed, to prevent them to be executed, because the tasks' context was yesterday, not today.

- GP001 improvement with numbering the next key in the auto-complete dropdown menu.

- Under the hood improvements.



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